maandag 18 november 2013

Interview (en): DivahaR

Suddenly there was this all-female black metal group from Armenia. No album released yet, but with some songs on YouTube with an an amazing quality. Soon there even appeared some video clips and footage of live performances. Luckily they were willing to answer some questions.  

First of all: thanks for this interview. DivahaR is an all-female black metal band. Is this a coincidence or a well-made choice?

- Yet in early 2008, when Urubani and I were thinking of forming a band there was no idea or intention of having only female members. Afterwards, when another female musician joined us, the union of 3 girls gave the idea, that it would be nice to form an all-female black metal band. Thus, it wasn’t initially planned and we got the idea by chance.

How did the band members got in contact with each other? How did the band form?

- In that period metal music had even more underground status and very limited audience and most of the listeners knew each other. Soon in 2009 Skadi joined us, and in 2010 Freya completed the line-up of the band.

What is the background of the musicians of DivahaR? Is this your first band?

- DivahaR unified us and induced to band activity: there were offers to perform in line-up of other bands, but none of them were really close and familiar to us. Being a constant part of DivahaR was a new step and beginning for us, and only due to our efforts and struggles it grew sustainable roots.

Who writes the music? Is that a band effort? And the lyrics? 

- All of the band members are involved in composing process. Each of us writes her music and lyrics in her own way, and afterwards we improve and finalize the song together.

Aren’t you afraid that the focus will be on the all-female aspect instead of the music or message?

- Yes, indeed it arrives in some cases. Thought many people think that this kind of line-up is our trump, in reality it’s the most blocking obstacle we’re facing so far. Sadly it’s true, and it’s even absurd that in the “tameless and disobedient” world of metal music there are still some people who refuse to admit the art just because of the stereotypes they have in their head.

Black metal is satanic by definition, in the perspectives of puritans. Do you consider DivahaR a satanic band?

- Certainly not. DivahaR is free of any religious perceptions. What we’re doing is, first of all, an art which reflects our essence and emotions and every “artificial” or “fictitious” element  leads to a disharmonic and unnatural harvest.

So what is the ‘message’ DivahaR is trying to spread?

- Our songs are about the personal as well as impersonal matters that are close to us. We reject many human-made empty idols and values that are spread all around the world. By the songs of DivahaR, we try to kindle and inflame the fire in human souls, the one that is almost dead. We appeal people to struggle for conscience, justice and light: more exact answer to this question you’ll find in our lyrics.

The sound of the band is pretty melodic. Most of the time it reminds me of bands like Dimmu Borgir. Is that the direction the band will continue to follow?

- Thought we were inspired by many genius bands, anyway, from DivahaR’s creation day we never targeted a “unique” band, which would be our meridian to aspire.
This fact will be more evident in the upcoming album, as we haven’t found a band to which we are musically really close.

You didn’t release an album yet, but you released some video’s. Some of these look quite professional. How is this possible? 

- Yes, that’s right, but the worst thing is that we had started to work on the album far before the videos you’ve mentioned were realized. There were and are some blocking points and technical issues, majorly linked to the non-perfection and lack metal-recoding practice in Armenia, which serves as a big obstacle for us.

 I’ve seen a few of your live performances on YouTube and I think it’s unbelievable that a band that sounds so professional still doesn’t has an album released yet. When can we expect it?

- True… having no album realized yet, we’ve surprisingly big audience nowadays, but the album is unspeakably important for us. To go into details, I can say that the recording of instruments is almost done and small things remain to finalize it, so the album will be realized quite soon.

Asked in other interviews you are stating that the 90’s Norwegian bands are being the biggest influence for DivahaR. Are there any newer or more recent bands that can carry your approval?

- Yes, we still listen to the old and familiar bands, even while composing nowadays, as those were the bands we grew up listening to and they were the biggest influence on our musical taste, but you know, at the same time there are many talented new bands we listen to and appreciate, thought they vary for each member of DivahaR.

Speaking of live performances, did you do a tour already? How many concerts did DivahaR perform? Where they all in Armenia?

- It’s always hard to handle recordings, participate in concerts and compose simultaneously; in addition each of the band members is overloaded in her daily routine, that’s why we’re not focusing on a quantity, but on the quality of concerts. Indeed, we had many concerts both in Armenia and outside of its frontiers, thought I can’t recall the exact number.

Any plans for a future tour? And if so: when and where?

- We are going to play in ‘Carpathian Alliance’ metalfest in 2014. Maybe we’ll perform at some European fests as well. We have several offers for the upcoming months, but we have a target of finalizing the album before thinking of overseas concerts.

Thanks again for this interview and all the best for the future!

- Thank you to and good luck to your site !

DivahaR can be found on Reverbnation, Facebook and YouTube.