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Interview (en): Shining

Just a few days ago the seventh Shining album was released. Shortly before guitar player Fredric Gråby left the band. Shining's remaining guitarist Peter Huss found some time to answer a few questions about the things that have been going on.
- We recently saw Shining perform De Kade in Zaandam, and then you had to take care of the guitar parts on your own out of necessity. How did you think that went?

Well, actually I think it went quite well. A lot of the riffs are divided for two guitars so I guess it didn't sound quite the same. But I think we solved those problems the best way we could.

- How is the search going to find a substitute for Fredric Gråby?

We played together almost all the time together. He joined just one or two months after me and we grew really tight together, as friends and as guitarplayers. So to get to the same level with a new guy will take some time I guess. On our recent shows in Finland a guy from Holland, Sebastiaan Bats, played with us and did a really good job. And it looks like he will stay. But to be realistic we have said quite open that it will take time before a new permanent member is announced.

- Can you tell us anything about the recording process of the new album?

The basic tracks were recorded three years ago. Then we have added things here and there up until late 2010 or early 2011. 3-4 different studios has been used but the basic tracks and the mix was done in the same studio as shining IV and forward. This studio has moved since the "Halmstad" recordings though. Niklas actually gave me free hands to be in charge of the mixing process since I live quite close to the studio and could be more "hands on" during the process. And it was really cool to actually hear all the different sessions put all together for the first time. Even if it was three years old it sounded fresh for the first time. And we are really happy with the result!

But I would like to point out one thing. Some people think that Halmstad is the best album. And it seems that because of that we have to think like that aswell, but we don´t! We have never tried to do another "Halmstad album"! When we heard the final mix of "V" we thought that would be the end of Shining and that people would hate it. So no matter what people might think, we have never and will never look back and try to "redo" an old album.

- Kvarforth has said on several occasions that he basically writes all the songs. Does he go into the specifics or does he give you a certain concept that the band will elaborate on?

Well, he does write all of the basic stuff. I like to see it like he comes to us with a square shaped figure, and we make it to a circle, if you get what I meen? But all of the solos are made by me for example, and also all string arrangements. So my point is that we do add stuff, but the basic song idea is his.

- I think Född Förlorare has to be the most pop music like album Shining has made until now. Has this been a deliberate choice or is it simply a matter of growth?

This is just a natural thing. There are no plans to make this or that. It just turns out that way.

- Shining is sometimes referred to as the Danzig of black metal. What is your view on this description?

Well, that´s the first time I hear that so I don´t know what to say really? I don´t even know if we play black metal at all!? But perhaps it is so, perhaps it´s not? We are Shining and we play the stuff we do, I don´t really like to put a label to it.

- In my opinion, Förtvivlan, min arvedel sounds quite different than the rest of the album. It sounds more like a song that could be from Klagopsalmer. Was this song written at an earlier stage than the other songs?

Can´t remember really..? But both albums were recorded at pretty much the same time so maybe that´s why they might be similar? Hell, I don´t know?

- Who is responsible for the acoustic parts on the album? Do you play these?

If I remember right me and Fredric did pretty much 50/50 of the acoustic stuff. Much because it´s so fucking annoying to record acoustic guitar. A couple of very sensitive mics around you that if you even breath they will pick it up, and you have to sit like a statue for hours... So we really needed to divide these parts as much as possible.

- Tiden läker inga sår starts off as soft and fragile, then turns a bit sluggish and eventually turns into a hyper blast. Can there possibly be any more contrast within a song than this one?

Of course it can. Imagine if we threw in some jazz or samba as well! :)

- How did Erik like to participate in one of the songs? His singing is also very different than his work with Watain.

I wasn't there during that session, it was actually recorded in a different studio, so I don´t know. But my guess is that he liked it and that he sang in a way that fitted the song the most. A lot of anger and despair going on in that song.

- The opening of Människa o'avskyvärda människa again has that typical Danzig sound to it. I'm not a guitarist, but it's like some sort of open chord in the middle of a riff, if you know what I mean. Plagoande O'Helga Plagoande also had something similar to that. Is this turning into a characterizing part of the Shining-sound?

Yes. The "open chord" thing is actually used very often in Shining, and also in the older songs. It might come out more clearly these days but it has always been there.

- Tillsammans är vi allt is my favorite song on the album. Especially the sluggish groove of it is very cool in my opinion. I don't think Shining has ever done something like this before. Does this song give way to the direction Shining is turning to?

Yeah, this is a different song compared to earlier stuff. But I don´t know if this will point out any certain direction for the future? It´s just one song, and the future has to show where we will be in the end.

- By the way, how did you get to the collaboration with Nordman?

We just asked him really. He listened to some of the older stuff and then he agreed to do it. But we did have him in mind for a long time actually, so it was a good thing that he decided to sing on that song.

- I get the idea that I've heard I Nattens Timma somewhere before. What is it based on?

You might have? It´s a cover of a song by "Landberk".

- What does FFF stand for?

Från Födseln Förlorad.

- Have you already been in the process of writing new stuff since the recordings of Född Förlare?

There is some stuff written, but right now we´ll focus on promoting this album and hopefully to tour a lot.

- Thanks for your answers and I hope to see Shining again soon!

Thank you!

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