woensdag 11 mei 2011

Shining: VII: Född förlorare (en)

To get straight to the point: No, this is not a new Halmstad. That album was pure genius, of which the same standard cannot be met. This does not mean that Född förlorare is a bad album, on the contrary. It's much better than its predecessor Klagopsalmer which was quite changeable.

The first track, Förtvivlan, min arvedel, has been available on the net for quite some time now. At the end of May, a music video will be released of this song. The song is quite dark and seems to be separate from the rest of the tracks on this album, since the asphyxiating pitch black sphere has made way for a quite varied, sometimes almost pop music-like sound on the rest of Född förlorare. Of course it doesn't turn into a party on any of the tracks and of course the typical desperation-like sphere lingers on each corner, but I think that this album will draw a much bigger audience than the previous albums.

Singer Kvarforth sings a lot more on this album and it has to be said: he does a pretty good job with it. He knows how to alternate a lot with his voice. This turns an impressive record into a nice album.

After having listened to Född förlorare a few times now, I think that in my opinion Tillsammans är vi allt is the best track of the album. It's different from what Shining has brought forth so far, but it sounds really cool. The fifth track which characterizes Shining albums is also quite a becoming piece.

Should we buy this? Yes! Definitely! You can order it via Shining's record label Spinefarm. They have editions available in the normal CD edition, also a llimited edition with a T-shirt and as a vinyl. Whether or not special, limited editions will be released has yet to be revealed.

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